Our Products and Services

Through many years of being in Service for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry, Precisa has acquired good experience and resources to provide solution in every respect of setting up and maintenance of Machinery and Projects. Following is a brief Segmentation of the jobs done by us. For more information, Please get in touch with us...

New Plant Design and Engineering

With representation of Consulting Company namely Elomatic Oy, Finland we have been Providing Complete Design and Engineering Services for New Plants, Extension to the Existing Plants etc. Recently Elomatic (co-ordinate by Precisa) has completed new project in Bangladesh aiming to Export their produce to European Regulated Market.

Process Consulting

We provide Technology and Consulting Services for new products in Pharmaceutical & Food Sector. Depending on Clients requirements and requests, we can source the related know how, technology and consulting services enabling our clients to introduce new products as required.

Clean Room and HVAC Systems

Jiangsu GUSU Purifying Technology, a Shanghai based Clean Room and HVAC Systems integrator is being represented by Precisa. GUSU is providing Design, Engineering, Material Supply and Construction of Clean Room & HVAC Systems.

Utility Systems

For a new Facility as well as Existing Factory, Utility Systems are one of the Vital Requirements. Precisa Techno Trade has been Providing equipments and systems for various utilities like Chilled Water, Compressed Air, Steam etc.

Pharma Water Systems

We provide solutions for Drinking Water, Purified Water (USP) and Water for Injection (USPWFI). Our Scope of Supply includes complete generation, storage and distributions systems.

Production and Process Equipments

We provide all kinds of Production and Process Machinery for Tablets, Capsules, Liquid and Injection from our various sources.

Packaging Equipments

Various Packaging Systems like Blister Packing, Srip Packing, Cartoning Machine etc. are supplied from our reputed sources from Europe, USA and Asia.

Laboratory Equipments and Furnitures

Most of the Necessary equipment for Laboratory Instruments, Equipments and Analyzers are being supplied by Precisa Techno Trade.

Testing, Commissioning & Validation

We also undertake Testing, Commissioning Validation and Documentation Services for different systems necessary in a project.